You can donate, or you can help in other ways (see below). To donate, either:

Other Ways to Help On Point for College
with Gifts of Monetary Support or Other Cash Equivalents

Your organization (Rotary, Church, etc.)

Your employer.  Encourage your employer to contribute to On Point for College.

Employer matching gifts.  Some employers (especially larger ones) match gifts you give to charitable organizations.  Ask your employer how to do this, to multiply your gift.

Tribute to someone you value.  Sometimes individuals ask that in place of receiving gifts at a party, wedding, celebration, or even a funeral, donations be given to On Point for College.

Bequests.  Perhaps you are unable to provide funds now, but would like to leave your car, house, or other asset to On Point for College in your will.

Often people wish to preserve their assets during their lifetime, not knowing how long they will live or how their circumstances will change.  When those assets remain after death, they are freed from their original purpose.

On Point For College is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so that gifts may often be given so they are tax-deductible under Federal and State law.  You can make On Point For College a beneficiary in your will or trust fund, or even a life insurance policy, annuity, or retirement plan.  We will be happy to assist you or your financial planner by providing any necessary documentation.

Stocks or other appreciated assets.  There may be tax advantages to you to donate stock which has increased in value while you owned it.  You may be able to take advantage of the donation of the full amount, yet pay little or no taxes on the appreciation, provided you donate the stock, rather than selling it and donating the cash.  On Point for College works with a brokerage firm, which will assist with the transaction.

Donate an item for our silent auction at our Annual Celebration event.

Planned giving

Foundation or Corporate matching gifts.  During some giving periods, certain foundations who wish to benefit On Point For College will match your gift, even though you have no relationship to that organization.  We will let you know if there is a matching gift available.

Sponsoring ("adopting") one student

Other Than Money ("In-Kind" Contributions)

Student supplies.  "Little things" really do make the difference, so every student receives (new)

"College cars."  On Point for College receives proceeds from donated cars through Salvage Management in Cicero.  Please call them at 315-699-6429 and tell them that you wish to donate a car for On Point for College.  You will receive a certificate of your charitable contribution for income-tax purposes.

Create an event.  Some generous people have offered "dessert parties" or similar events in their homes.  The price of admission is four bath towels, to be given to an On Point for College student.

"College Shower."  You've heard of a wedding shower. Why not one for On Point for College students?


Be a mentor, a driver, a tutor. Or help us write a grant, or set up an event. To find out more about volunteering, contact Carole Bildstein at (315) 454-7797 or email carolebildstein@onpointforcollege.org

United Way

On Point for College receives funding from United Way of Central New York. That funding represents less than 6.5% of our budget. Individuals and companies may send us funding through United Way by selecting On Point for College on your pledge forms.